I’m so grateful for Rhonda and her team. I hired UBA a few months ago, and by being published and positioned brilliantly in Medium and Entrepreneur, my brand shot through the roof in record time. I was already established but this brought me to new heights. I have brought in over $50k as a result of Rhonda’s hard work and dedication, as I had cold leads read my articles and boom! I can not recommend Rhonda and her team enough, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

Jen Rudolph


Happy Clients

It’s strange having someone rooting for you, is screaming for you, is the only one in your corner. I;m not used to it. I’m usually the one in everyone else’s corner. I was ready to just quit! Actually! But when someone cares that much and knows she has the power to change your life forever, it’s Rhonda. Thank you for caring enough to make me not stop and just keep going even when people around me are shouting NO!

Lee Morunga

Actress, Model

Okay, so I now have 2 signed contracts back – for a 15k cash injection to my biz. So I have just negotiated another 10k contract from my meetup last week – it is still verbal but he has called me 5 times to get started so it’s looking pretty good!

Jo Botting

Online Coach

Thanks so much. I followed your closing script in the 30k Challenge. Added at the end of my consult. Do excited. Thanks Unstoppable Team. You rock, Btw, It’s Catherine Ann. If youre in the challenge. Download her book in the Welcome part and read it. So much value.

Catherine Clayton

CEO, Acme Industries

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