Meet The Team

Rhonda Swan CEO

Rhonda Swan is the founder and CEO of one of the leading PR and branding companies worldwide – the Unstoppable Branding Agency. She works with CEOs, authors, speakers and conscious entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands creating a defined google footprint, using top tier PR and media. With her vision to empower women, especially in business, Rhonda also hosts the “Unstoppable Women Entrepreneur“ show at NASDAQ. She regularly interviews female powerhouses who go against the stream and showcases their entrepreneurial journey. You can watch her show on Bloomberg, Fox Business, Market Watch and Read More

The UBA Team

Rhonda Swan - USA

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Swan - USA

Chief Sales Executive

Neleke McDermott - New Zealand


Amara Becirovski - France

Head of PR

Araminta Bloom - Indonesia

Head of Content

Dian Putri - Indonesia

PR Manager

    Kim Melissa - Indonesia

    PR Manager

      Becca Young - United Kingdom

      PR & Publishing Manager

      Jez Orbe - Philippines

      Senior Graphic Designer

      Aljello Susmiran - Philippines

      Graphic Designer

        Dave Abejar - Philippines

        Graphic Designer

        Starrwyn Tonkin - Mauritius

        Head of Branding

        Nina Gonzales - Philippines

        Women Gone Wild Authors Concierge & Executive Technician to President

          Josefine Kroeswagn - Austria

          Social Media Manager

            Shania Lei Balingbing - Philippines

            Assistant Social Media Manager

            Delaine Bueno - Philippines

            Head of IT

              Emily Mariano - Philippines

              IT Manager

                Mitchell Dryer - USA

                Web Developer

                  Jelena Dakic - Serbia

                  Book Keeper

                    Yana Vasilik - Russia

                    The Rhonda Swan Show Manager & Executive Assistant to CEO

                      Vasilis Iliev - Greece

                      Personal Stylist to CEO

                        Lam Tota Banjarnahor - Indonesia

                        Executive Assistant to President

                        Marie Kristel - Philippines

                        Admin & Customer Service

                          Nathália Melissa Pereira - Brazil

                          Executive Assistant to PR

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