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Rhonda Swan - CEO

Rhonda Swan is a dynamic and accomplished business leader, women’s empowerment advocate, and author. As the CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, a woman-owned and 85% women-run company, Rhonda has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as a woman of diversity to watch in 2021, and her company was ranked among the top 10 PRN branding firms for entrepreneurs in the same year. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Rhonda is passionate about empowering women to succeed in their personal and professional lives. This drive is evident in her best-selling book series, “Women Gone Wild,” which has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Rhonda is also a talented communicator and storyteller, and she uses these skills to connect with her audience on a personal level. As a TV show host, Rhonda has captivated viewers with her engaging and inspiring style, serving as the host of the Rhonda Swan Show, co-host of New York’s top morning show “Wake Up with Marcy,” and former TV show co-host for a cutting edge financial show, which airs on Bloomberg, Fox, and Newsmax. With a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the business world, Rhonda’s contributions to the industry have made a lasting impact. Whether through her writing, speaking engagements, or television shows, Rhonda’s mission to empower women to succeed remains at the forefront of all she does.

Meet The Team

Brian Swan

Head Of Sales

Jez Orbe

Graphic Designer

Josephine Kroeswagn

Social Media Manager

Delaine Bueno

Head Of I.T

Dave Abejar

Graphic Designer

Aljello Susmiran

Graphic Designer

Jelena Dakic

Head Of Accounting

Marie Kristel


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Diandini Putri

Head Of PR

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Mitchell Dryer

Web Developer


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