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How Does It Work?

Our PR & Media team acts on your behalf as your Brands Agent by writing articles for publications that people want to read & share. You get the benefit of having your advice included in the article allowing you to utilize the logos and credibility for an AS SEEN ON: Banner.

Why Use An Agency?

Getting featured in a high profile publication is not an easy feat to do on your own. Our team of journalist write articles that are trending and in demand and include your advice as the expert next to other high profile business owners and change makers, we then pitch your story, your expertise, your book or advice to Tier 1 & Tier 2 publications
like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. & Success.

Getting featured is not out of question when you do it yourself, but it takes time, connections and a quality pitch to even be considered, most of our clients don’t have this kind of patience, time nor wherewithal to make it happen.

This is why they hire us as their PR agency.

What are Top Tier Publications

Top tier magazines, newspapers, broadcast and online publications are ranked based on their notoriety and now by number of followers across their social channels. Publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, and more have started to heavily lean on their online publication over print.

Tier 1

• Forbes • Inc • Entrepreneur • Bloomberg • CNET • MarketWatch • Engadget • ZDnet • Digital
• Trends • Fast Company Fortune • Wall Street Journal • MONEY • Mashable • Financial Times
• The Next Web • PC Magazine • CNBC • Reuters • Ars Technica • Business Insider •
• Gizmodo • The Verge • Digital Trends • USA Today • eWeek • VentureBeat • TechCrunch

Tier 2

• Business.com • Business2Community • Smallbiztrends.com • Marketing Land • Techopedia.com  • Influencive • ReadWrite • Future Sharks • Investing.com • WN.com
• MakeUseOf • LifeHacker • Buzzfeed • Nasdaq • Yahoo • Cio.com • Csoonline.com •
Newsmax.com • bigthink.com

Unstoppable Branding Agency specializes in featuring our clients in Tier 1 & Tier 2 publications in either an Expert Advice/Mention Article or Full Feature articles.

What Is A Mention/Advice or Feature Article?

Mention/Advice Article:

This is where you share your expert advice in an article based on a topic that the editor is writing about. Your name, advice and company is mentioned in the article as the expert in that field or niche. Typically you are placed with 1-4 other experts providing their expert advice in the same article.

Example of an Expert Advice/Mention



12 Secrets to Supercharging Your Personal Brand



These 13 Women Are Among The Game Changers Of The Travel Industry

Full Feature Article (application only)

This is a full article featuring you, your expertise or your company. Features are for entrepreneurs/business owners/personalities that are doing great things in the world, they lead with value, and have built their
company unconventionally.

Example of a Feature Article



39,603 views How This Millennial Entrepreneur Built A Six-Figure Online Business By Empowering Women



22,033 views How This Millennial Became The Youngest Canadian To Visit All Countries

What Makes Unstoppable Branding Agency Different?

It’s our trademarked; “Closed Loop Process” we created to maintain good standing relationships with the publishers, the writer/contributors and our clients.

We Know What You Want!

1. Publishers want great content, writers/contributors also need greatcontent to write about so that their articles are appealing to the public which encourages opens, reads & shares.

2. We want to place our clients in articles that have impact and a high volume of Opens, Reads & Shares giving more credibility, visibility and profitability.

Happy Publishers + Happy Writers

+ Great Content + More Traffic

= Happy Clients

What is the UBA Closed Loop Process?

“Our Closed Loop Process Fulfills On Something No Other Agency Can Promise”

Writers/Contributors are not able to accept payment for their articles but they do get paid more for articles that do well by the publisher. This is where we come in and why having Unstoppable Branding Agency as your Brands Agent pays dividends.

When your article is published we place it on our social platforms ( Facebook, Linked In, Instagram) we run traffic to the article to increase Opens, Reads & Shares.


This is one of the features we ran traffic for & within  48 hours of publishing 123 shares, 197 comments & 18,444 Opens Reads on Article.

More traffic makes the publisher want to compensate the contributor more, which in return provides the client with more attention, traffic and an article that can be used for Brand Positioning and makes it easier to pitch to other publications.

Pricing Expert Advice/Mention

Pricing Full Feature Article

Press Tour 6 Months


Current Articles We Are Filling


This is where you share your expert advice in an article based on a topic that the editor is writing about. Your name, advice and company is mentioned in the article as the expert in that field or niche. Typically you are placed with 1-4 other experts providing their expert advice in the same article.


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  • How to move from a career into your calling.

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  • How Feminine Energy Plays a Role in Business 8 Attributes of A Feminine Leader.



Full refunds are given in the event of no placements. Partial refunds are given for partial placements. So far our clients have seen a 100% success rate in placements, as we carefully vet the companies that we offer this service.


  • When I got my feature Article I was asked to Speak On A TED Talk

    Michael Graziano
    Michael Graziano First Canadian To Visit All Countries In The World
  • Featured in Top 20 Podcast in 2020 Entrepreneur Mag I go a $40k Sponsor on my Posdcast because of my article

    Jim Chester
    Jim Chester Chiro Hustle Podcast
  • I Know The Value Of PR, But Didn't Have The Time To Do My Own Reach Outs, Having The Team Work On My Behalf And Placing Me in The Best Articles Save Me Time & Has Gottn Me Guest Experts On My Podcast

    Kim Barrett
    Kim Barrett Social Media Expert
  • I was Featured in Forbes magazing , and closed a $15k client because of it

    Kristin Thomas
    Kristin Thomas Confindent Marketing Code


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