The most powerful person in any organization is its leader. So when Suzi came to us for help with launching her corporate leadership training & coaching business, we gladly accepted the opportunity.


Suzi McAlpine


Logo Design / Sales Funnel / Book Design / Website

For this project, we created a high-quality logo to establish the brand’s authority, and used a monochromatic color palette, ranging from cool, ocean blue, to navy blue. This gives the feeling of peace, calmness, and professionalism.



Next we built a website to capture leads and promote Suzi’s ebook, “The 8 Cornerstones of Great Leadership”, book her for speaking engagements, inquire about executive-level coaching, schedule corporate workshops, and to read her award-winning blog, “The Leader’s Digest”.

We also used tranquil images of nature with contrasting shades of blue to put the reader at ease, and to strategically break-up white space.



The ebook features a modern cover design, and is formatted to be easily consumed by the reader.

As the world’s leading expert in corporate business and leadership coaching, Suzi McAlpine continues to help high-level managers, department leads, and executives empower their organizations at all levels, by becoming better leaders.

…Everyone can benefit from learning more about what it takes to lead.

Let’s take a closer look at the UBA created assets, and see what kind of results we were able to get for Suzi and her brand…






The only thing more important than making money in a business, is saving money by lowering costs… And that's exactly what happened when Suzi partnered with us to build her website and launch her cutting edge, corporate training programs! Since starting, the leadership maven reduced her travel days by 30{c2695abb7294ab67fba365950d1f44fdcd10c4e5bfbe90a87beb92168f13c056}, and increased automation profits, as well as her monthly recurring revenue.


When Suzi decided to launch her digital program, she knew that a well designed brand was essential to capturing her audience. So we sat down, brainstormed some concepts based on Suzi’s reputation, professionalism and personality, and crafted the final images you see here. We also worked on developing her product as well. So how’d it go? When Suzi opened the cart to her $997 product, 23 copies were sold in only 24 hours! That’s $22,931 in one day!


After the product launch and presentation, Suzi had 6 contract deals on the table. Each worth a whopping $300,000 each! ...That’s $1.8 Million dollars as a result of doing just ONE Presentation. Let that sink in for a minute… This goes to show, when you merge your strengths with our skills & resources, there’s no limit to what your personal brand can do.

Want similar results for your brand? Every day, thousands of businesses come online, making it more difficult to sell your products & services. But joining forces with a passionate team of experts can turn your vision into a reality…

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