“House” music is one of the most popular and infectious music genres in the world.

With millions of “raving” fans across the globe, Kerol Garcia from R&K House music, knew her and her partner needed to do something different if they wanted to stand out in a crowded industry.

First, we crafted a simple, yet highly recognizable logo to make it easy for fans, artists, and promoters alike to know when this brand is hosting events, rocking out a party, or turning up the heat in nightclub or festival near you…

We also designed a mobile icon, a favicon for web browsers, and a reverse white logo for use on dark colored promo materials.

Next we sat down with Kerol, and began working on a media kit to increase bookings for performances, club appearances, and partnerships for their digital radio station.  

Inspired by the nightlife in London, and Ibiza, the R&K media kit reflects their passion and respect for House music, its fans, and the pioneers that made it all possible.

Partnering with a team of experts to create your business assets can give you the “edge” that’s required to reach the top of your field.

In the extremely competitive music business, a well-respected brand is essential to opening doors, and creating new opportunities in a constantly evolving industry.


R & K House Music


Logo Design / Mediakit


We wanted to create a strongest impact with the least pages possible.



With a professional media kit, and coaching from us, Kerol & Rodrigo secured an interview with the largest DJ podcast in the world! Getting exposure for their brand on such a large platform gives major credibility to their brand, and provides more opportunities to expand their reach, and grown the R&K name.


In every music genre, exists important landmarks, key historical figures, and stories that draw-in fans, and keep the music alive. When house spread across the globe, it hit the UK, and a new chapter in the genre’s evolution was born. Using the media kit, and a few strategic marketing tactics, Kerol & Rodrigo were hired by the Ministry of Sound… The UK’s very first club 100{c2695abb7294ab67fba365950d1f44fdcd10c4e5bfbe90a87beb92168f13c056} dedicated to house music!


Who doesn’t like money? Since partnering with us to build their personal brand, R&K House music has become the highest paid DJ-duo in Europe! We accomplished this through increasing brand awareness, and forming strategic partnerships using their professional UBA media kit.

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