No matter what kind of disease, phobia, or addiction you have, 9 times out of 10, there’s a natural cure that has already existed for years now…

Whether you believe this or not, people like Penny Megginson is living proof of how you can heal yourself when you completely align you focus on the body, and the ENERGY that affects it.

But rather than shout Penny’s praises from the highest mountain top (even though she deserves it), we’ll let the assets we’ve created, and the work she does speak themselves…

Being one of our biggest projects to date, we were both excited and honored to work with Penny to give her already thriving practice the content, design elements, marketing assets, and automation that it needed.

So in the spirit of being UNSTOPPABLE, we completely overhauled each asset from the ground-up to be highly professional, and eye-catching.

Before coming to us, Penny was almost exclusively taking individual clients… while this provides the most value, there’s a limit to the amount of patients she could physically help.

Wanting to serve as many people as possible, she decided to expand her brand and increase her reach by creating a specialized course that would allow her to educate both clients, and other physiotherapists alike on the work that she does.


Penney Megginson


Mediakit / Marketing Collaterals / Funnels


That’s where UBA comes in… we started the project by re-branding Penny’s business from top to bottom!

First came a unique logo design, then a beautiful ebook cover to compliment her lead magnet.

Next, our marketing team built a powerful lead gen. funnel to grow and convert a list of cold leads, to red-hot buyers.

After that, to position Penny as an authority-figure, we put together a comprehensive events package that would help get her booked for speaking engagements.

But we didn’t stop there… our team then helped to create the HIGH-END product that could be marketed online to the masses, but could also be given to her private clients.


We were also heavily involved in the making of a certification program that utilizes Penny’s “Megginson Method”.

That course teaches everything there is to know about practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping to heal yourself and others.

…Once all the products and systems were in their proper place, we helped develop her brand’s “voice” and marketing messages…


We used a modern approach in designing her media kit to match her vibe and the values she represent.

Brand Film

Until working with UBA, Penny was going in so many different directions, she wasn’t being seen as unique in her industry, which caused a lot of problems for her.
So we sat down, and helped her develop straightforward communication, an original brand identity, and a solid USP (unique selling proposition).
For the final “icing on the cake”, we invited Penny to visit us in Bali, where we filmed all of her brand/promo videos, and had a professional photoshoot lined up with one of our photographers.

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