”Food is the gateway to an energetic and fulfilling life”.

…These wise and very powerful words were spoken from our friend and now client, Inge Hart.

So powerful in fact, they were displayed prominently on the front of her new book, “Balanced Foodologist”.

Inside, Inge reveals her formula to using food as the gateway to feeling great in your body, and having a clear mind, every day, in easy to follow way.

With such important information being shared, we wanted to create an elegant book design that matched the client’s expertise, and her gracefully outgoing personality.

…Besides working with Inge on publishing her vast knowledge of food & nutrition, we also designed a very upscale, luxury inspired logo.

Using a logo palette and mood board, we developed the brand colors from inspiring photos related to health, wellness, and lifestyle.

The end result was a bronze gradient mix, with contrasting cursive and print fonts. The design was completed with a simple heart enclosed in a circle… representing healthcare, and of course, the “Hart” last name.

Now that the logo is done, and her book is published, Inge can focus on attracting higher quality clients to her online programs, as well as to her exclusive personal guidance and private retreats!

Most people in the MULTI-BILLION dollar wellness industry struggle, and eventually fail because of the intense competition for clients and product sales.

But partnering with a highly skilled group of marketers, designers, and branding experts can dramatically increase your chances of success, no matter how “crowded” it seems, or how “impossible” it is to establish yourself online.

Ready to view Inge’s UBA designed assets? Check them out below…




Logo Design / Publishing


We wanted to create an elegant book design that matched the client's graceful and outgoing personality.

Membership Site

We helped conceptualize and develop Inge's website based on her requirements and necessary features to make her brand successful.



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