Starting a business from scratch is never easy…

But with the right team, and a solid plan, anything is possible!

The HS Styles project was a complete startup. First we discovered the target audience, then based on the data, and input from the client, we decided on the proper look and feel of her brand.

As a budding new fashion designer, Hanalei Swan and is quickly establishing herself in the high-fashion market. As expected, the colors, fonts, and overall design language had to reflect the luxurious feeling that Hanalei’s brand represents.

Next, we crafted a premium new logo, all the way through complete concepts for a lookbook, promotional items, a stylish new website, and ecommerce store.

For media, our team produced a documentary film, weekly vlogs, a speaker & teaser reel film for speaking engagements, and various branded promo films.

When it comes to social media, we launched an instagram growth campaign to build her followers and increase post engagement. Then we ran facebook ads, and implemented our proven in-house system for retargeting, the “mogul method”, to grow her brand’s presence on facebook.

Finally, we created a media kit to promote her speaking offer, and to attract joint-venture partnerships.

Having a complete branding & marketing solution can mean the difference between a total loss, or a highly successful 7-figure launch.

…With that in mind, let’s take a look at each asset our team designed for this high-end, eco-friendly fashion company that’s taking the world by storm!


Hanalei Swan Styles


Logo Design / Branding / Photography / Lookbook / Website


We created a sleek and modern website that showcases the best of Hanalei and everything that she does.


As a fashion brand we also created an e-commerce site using shopify's platform.


Best used as a teaser or a walk-in intermission video for events and promotional features.




Since partnering with UBA to build, launch, and monetize her brand, Hanalei has become the youngest fashion designer ever to be showcased at Pure London Fashion Week… realizing a dream that many creators go their entire lives without experiencing. Pure London is the UK’s #1 fashion trade event that brings together the entire fashion supply chain, from fibre to finished, ready to wear clothing.


Through strategic networking and partnerships, Hanalei was able to secure all expense paid travel to speak at various marketing, personal development, and fashion events in Paris, Las Vegas, Orlando, and The Maldives! Using her professionally designed media kit to showcase the HS Styles brand, our team positioned Hanalei as an authority figure, and leveraged that authority, as well as her unique experience as one of the youngest business owners and fashion experts in the world. We then implemented our system for connecting with big brands, and successfully formed joint-ventures that benefited each party.


When you attract the founder and host of the #1 ranked podcast for entrepreneurs, and as well as the #1 event for entrepreneurs (inc. Magazine), you must be doing something right! By word of mouth, and of of course having a large instagram following, Hanalei was able to connect with Jules Schroeder… The founder of Unconventional Life. She was featured on an episode of the podcast where they discussed following your passion, growing up as a world traveler, and the need for sustainable, & ethical fashion. She was also invited to host a fashion show at the world-renowned Unconventional Life event in Bali, Indonesia!


Since starting our journey with Hanalei, we’ve taken her Instagram from zero, to over 50,000+ raving followers. This growth campaign also led to even more opportunities with collaborations and brand deals from companies wanting to leverage Hanalei’s social influence. Some of the partnerships include Flowers By Zoe, Happiness Co., La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali, Blow Bar Bali, Veve Swimwear, and more!

eCommerce Store

With so many unique outfits, building the HS Styles Ecom store was essential to putting Hanalei on the map as a top high-end fashion designer. Using as many earth-friendly materials as possible, each piece is elegantly designed, and carefully handcrafted to be snug fitting, yet comfortable to wear. Our team of developers and ecom experts were able to take the needs and desires of Hanalei, and turn them into a clean, easy to navigate storefront that’s designed to sell!


One of the most exciting moments was The Yak Magazine… Commanding over 1 MILLION engaged users across print, online, and social media, this luxury lifestyle magazine features an interview with Hanalei on her journey as an emerging force in the fashion world. She opens up about her upbringing, inspiring others, why she chose to #WearSlow, and the values she’s developed as a young female entrepreneur.


-Every (serious) fashion brand needs a lookbook... So we sat down with the young design prodigy and began putting together an unstoppable branding asset that rivals the some of the most well-known, and highly respected luxury brands in the world. Besides having multiple collections of handmade, earth-friendly clothing, releasing a lookbook solidifies HS Styles as a real company, and sets it apart from millions of other failing startups.

Want similar results for your brand? Every day, thousands of businesses come online, making it more difficult to sell your products & services. But joining forces with a passionate team of experts can turn your vision into a reality…

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