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When deal maker, angel investor, and marketing expert Charley Valher spoke at our event in Bali, it was an amazing experience for our team, as well as our attendees.  

He brought such a high-level of insight and value, we couldn’t have asked for a better presentation from this Aussie business master!

But the real treat came when we got to partner with Charley Valher to design a professional, minimalist logo for his personal brand…

From Melbourne, Australia, Charley is a serial business owner who’s best known for his unique approach to building businesses that give more time and leverage to the owner.

He does this by focusing heavily on automation, developing systems & processes, building virtual teams, and coordinating successful joint ventures!

With his extensive resume in mind, and input from the charley, we used a series of photos showcasing professional offices, business meetings, and outdoor activities for inspiration.

The final version of the logo ended up using two different shades of blue, which represent professionalism & and calmness. Then, we added a splash of gray, for balance and a more modern look.

When people like Kim Barrett from Your Social Voice say “He’s (Charley) got the greatest insights into building a business that works without you…” and, “If you can connect with him in any way shape or form I highly recommend it!” …You know he’s the real deal.Ready to view Charley’s UBA designed assets? Check them out below…

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