Kim Barrett Mediakit

When million dollar marketing strategist, speaker, and trainer, Kim Barrett needed a media kit, there’s only one group he chose to work with… The Unstoppable Branding Agency.
From traveling the world as an expert speaker, to co-hosting masterminds, and training over 150 business owners in marketing strategy, facebook ads, and conversion, Kim has solidified himself as one of the top digital marketers of Australia. So naturally, we worked with him on crafting a media kit that was clean, professional, and worthy of being syndicated through high-level business & networking channels. When the time comes for you to increase your rates, and upgrade your clientele, you’ve got to start with branding. The image you portray can either harm your business, or help bring it to a whole new level. Check out Kim’s promo kit to the right, then click below to get started with customizing your own.
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